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Since 2005 the ARGUMans team has been bringing together teacher-researchers in management sciences from Le Mans Université. It aims to gather together expertise in the areas of the study of organisations and their governance, corporate financing, accounting and management control, marketing and human resources management.

The ARGUMans team, which was initially attached to the GAINS Laboratory, became an autonomous laboratory in 2020.

Apart from the challenges connected with this separation, the ARGUMans team continues to develop collaborations with other research units from the establishment (GAINS, ESO, THEMISUM) or other units whether at national level (GRANEM in Angers, LiRIS in Rennes) or internationally (in particular in Europe, Asia and the Maghreb) in areas where it can provide real expertise, particularly within the framework of multidisciplinary research projects.

Collectively, the tasks of the researchers in the ARGUMans team, decided in collaboration, fall within the following three axes:

The work done by the researchers gives rise to publications in peer-reviewed journals, communication at conferences and also the promotion of scientific research on other media.

Each year the Laboratory welcomes doctoral students in the various subjects in Management Sciences. Numerous defences of theses have taken place over the past five years, thus demonstrating a positive dynamic in terms of supervision and research training.

In addition, three research Chairs are supported by the laboratory:         

  • the Chair in Social and Solidarity Economics (SSE) was created in November 2014 to formalise and organise the partnership between the SSE Masters and professional organisations which actively participate in its operation.
  • The Chair in Governance and CSR was established on 21 May 2019. It aims to bring together stakeholders from different backgrounds (businesses, associations, communities, academics and students in particular) engaged with the themes of governance and CSR in the Grand Ouest region of France.
  • The Chair in ACA, created in 2004, is intended to formalise and organise the partnership between the ACA programme and, henceforth, the MC** Masters, on the one hand, and professional organisations on the other. Its main vocation is to provide support for activities related to the two Masters, ACA and MC, and to contribute to the influence and development of the two programmes of study.

Finally, at an individual level, ARGUMans researchers actively participate in national and international research networks in their respective fields: Académie de l’Entrepreneuriat et de l’Innovation (Academy of Entrepreneurship and Innovation) (AEI), Association Information et Management (Information and Management Association) (AIM), Association Internationale de Management stratégique (International Association of Strategic Management) (AIMS), Association Française de Marketing (French Marketing Association) (AFM), Association Francophone de Gestion des Ressources Humaines (French Association of Human Resources Management) (AGRH), Association Francophone de Comptabilité (French Accounting Association) (AFC), Réseau interuniversitaire de l’économie sociale et solidaire (Inter-university Network for Social and Solidarity Economy) (RIUESS), Association pour le développement des données sur l’économie sociale (Association for the Development of Data on the Social Economy) (ADDES), Gestion des entreprises sociales et solidaires (Management of Social and Solidarity Enterprises) (GESS), réseau EMES sur l’entreprise sociale (EMES network on social enterprise), CIRIEC International network (international scientific organisation bringing together researchers and activists from the social and solidarity economy) on the public and cooperative economy, etc.

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